• Hi! After ICSdroid 1.2 was just released, I can finally sync an existing .ics file from the device storage with my calendar (I had this crash issue too). Nice! But: I cannot edit this ICSdroid calendar on my phone:( Is this a bug or is it only one-way-sync? Or did I setup something wrong?

  • developer

    This is by intention: ICSdroid fetches .ics files and writes them into local calendars (one-way). It’s not intended as an .ics generator – if you want to synchronize both ways, you may want to use CalDAV and DAVdroid.

  • Okay, I see… I thought I finally found what I was looking for:( I don’t want to use CalDAV as I prefer not to have a central server but a peer to peer system that just synchronizes the calendar files. But anyway, thanks for letting me know!

  • developer

    @max Synchronizing calendars in both directions is a very complex task, and it takes more than just downloading and uploading a single .ics file per calendar. If you have a look at CalDAV and which problems it solves, you will see what the problems are. You will also need a hierarchy: just think about the case that one .ics file contains a certain event, and the other doesn’t. So, does it mean that it has been deleted by the user and should be deleted from the one .ics file, too, or has it just been added and should be added to the other .ics file?

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