No addressbooks or calendars were found (Baikal)

  • Hi,
    I have a server that runs Baikal for my CalDAV and CardDAV. It is working with my Thunderbird on my computer.
    However, when I try to get Baikal sync with my Android Phone with DAVDroid, I get the message “No addressbooks or calendars were found”.

    I did not configure well-known urls, and I gave the address (for the calendar):

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100) running CM 12 (Android version: 5.1.1).

    In the log file (attached), I get the following [debug] flags:

    [debug] Couldn’t find <current-user-principal> at user-given URL - EXCEPTION:
    [debug] Couldn’t determine <current-user-principal> from well-known carddav path - EXCEPTION: at.bitfire.dav4android.exception.HttpException: 405 Method Not Allowed
    [debug] Looking up SRV records for _ca0_1456502807577_logfile-davdroid.txt
    [debug] Received <response> for, status: null, properties: [displayname(DAV:): null,
    current-user-principal(DAV:): CurrentUserPrincipal(href=/baikal-flat/cal.php/principals/Myname/)
    [debug] Couldn’t find <current-user-principal> at user-given URL - EXCEPTION:
    [debug] Couldn’t determine <current-user-principal> from well-known caldav path - EXCEPTION: Unexpected status line: at com.squareup.okhttp.internal.http.StatusLine.parse(
    [debug] Looking up SRV records for

    Could someone help me with this ?

  • ok, first, be advised that baikal now doesn’t make use of the ‘flat’ package distinction anymore, just get the single latest release (0.3.5) from github.

    Please not that you are discarding the baikal instructions if you don’t use the well-known urls.
    However, with the latest package, you just point to the baikal/html/dav.php/ and you’re fine (it will autodiscover calendars and addressbooks).

    For a previous release (tested 0.2.7), you use card.php or cal.php .

    What is weird in your logs is the HTTP exception 405.
    Baikal comes with a have you tested the output of (alternative is --digest for digest, replace your usernames and password )
    curl -so - --digest --user testuser:testuser http://server/baikal-flat/cal.php/principals/testuser? It should give you an XML document containing GET is only implemented on File objects.

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