• Hi,
    I have a owncloud server, and I sync my task list with davdroid (last version from f-droid) - opentasks (last version form f-droid) on my samsung S5mini/Android 4.4.2. It works fine, I’m very happy with it
    But there is a strange behaviour when a create/modify a task on my phone.
    Davdroid is configured to sync every 24h and imediately after a modification is made (this second part can’t be changed)
    When I write some items, and it take a long, I see them disappear.
    I saw that it’s happen when a davdroid sync is made.

    Is it a davdroid problem ?

  • developer

    [Please read before posting] What’s required to diagnose a problem

    I guess it was a problem that was fixed with DAVdroid, but without further information it will be a guessing game.

  • You can find a sync log here


    #5” and what i wrote desappear.

    Sometime it’s many items, sometime it’s the last.
    The log file is when just the last item.
    It appears not everytime. I can reproduce it everytime
    I think it’s when I start to write things near a sync time…

    Thank you for your help

  • developer

    Sounds like the task is being updated by DAVdroid while you’re editing it.

    Did you update the task on another device (or in the Web) in the meanwhile?

  • No, only on my phone
    I’m on my phone while i’m not on my computer 🙂

  • What can I do to help you to find where is the problem ?

  • developer

    @JeLeB I’d need exact steps how to reproduce the problem (server + client). However, it seems like the server tells DAVdroid that the tasks have been updated, and then DAVdroid synchronizes them again, which would be intended behavior.

    Does this occur with every task? Did you create the tasks on your mobile phone?

  • All soft versions :

    • Owncloud v8.2.2 (last stable release)
    • Owncloud app ‘Tasks’ v0.8.1
    • DAVdroid v0.9.1.3 (from F-Droid)
    • Android 4.4.2 on Samsung Galaxy S5 mini (SM-G800F)
    • OpenTasks v1.1.8.2 (from F-Droid)

    Almost all tasks are created on my phone with OpenTasks.
    I installed DAVdroid before OpenTasks, and when there is a new version of OpenTasks or DAVdroid, I remove and re-install both, always in the order in the FAQ. I have one local task list and 6 remote task lists on the same Owncloud account. All task lists are created with the same Android DAVdroid account.

    When a create a new task, I start to write a item list. When it take a time to think about all the things to do, it can take two, three or more minutes. And sometime a part of the last items disappeared.

    I try to find a way to reproduce it everytime, and I tell you

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