davdroid vs radicale 1.1.1

  • Hi,

    I am tying to get this combination working.
    Thunderbird - radicale works with ../user/calendar.ics/
    Blackberry OS 10 works with URL ... /user/calendar.ics/

    But with my android phone I can't gewt it going ...
    I see inf the debug log that somehow this .well-known/... is used.
    This well-known can be configured in radicale ... but no success.

    Somebody who has radicale working with davdroid?
    Can you post your sync URL in davdroid and the important part of the radicale config, with/without well-known?

    I tested davical works with thunderbird ... but the overkill for 2 phones .... and 2 users
    Maybe any other server suggestion for a simple lan setup ... wihtout giving google my data.

    Thx and keep up nice project

  • developer

    I'm using DAVdroid with Radicale myself. Did you have a look at https://davdroid.bitfire.at/configuration/radicale/?

  • Hi,

    yes did see it, but no useful/helpful information there.
    Since in Blackberry I use the full blown http://ip:5232/user/caldav.ics/ or /addressboock.vcf/ maybe its the .well-known stuff that is messing things up?
    Same path I use in thunderbird with lightning and sogo.

    I have always no kalendar / addressbook found when I enter complete path (like in the blackberry) without well-known configured or http://ip:5232 with
    caldav = '/%(user)/caldav.ics/.

    Sadly davdroid does not create a calendar / addressbook so I could guess what is wrong.
    Should it create one if http://ip:5232/user/ is empty?

    Can you tell me how you did it?
    Do you use with 1.1.1?