new contacts on phone not synchronizing - OC8.2.2 - DavDroid

  • Hello,

    I am quite new to all that cloud/synchro stuff so I have some questions.

    I have installed DavDroid on my phone (samsung s5 mini, cyanogenmod 12.1 - Android 5.1.1). Further, I have owncloud 8.2.2 running on my own server. The synchronisation works fine except when I am creating new contacts on my phone. Nothing is synchronized towards the server.

    If I modify contacts I have imported from the server, it works well. I wonder, if it is related to that:

    What I did:

    1. I exported all my contacts and deleted it from phone
    2. I imported the contacts to owncloud
    3. connection with davdroid and all contacts appear
    4. I created a new contact on the phone but no sync
    5. I modified an contact i have recently imported and sync worked.

    I did it also the other way around:

    1. deletion all contacts on phone and server
    2. deletion of existing davdroid account on the phone
    3. creation of a new account, connect to owncloud
    4. import of contacts to the phone, but no sync to the cloud

    Does that mean, all new contacts I create on my phone, need to be exported and manually imported to the cloud before synchronisation works?

    Thanks for any hints

  • Hello,

    just to inform, I have resolved the issue. It was caused by my xprivacy installation. My restrictions where to strong. Unfortunately I cannot reproduce, which settings I have changed in xprivacy to get it run. In case someone encounters the issues I had and also uses xprivacy, check the settings within “google contacts synchronising”. I think I have blocked the contact app to synchronise with the contacts provider.

    All in all, DravDroid works as a charm. It’s also installed on my tablet (SM-T530, cyanogenmod 13, Android 6). I had no issues at all on the tablet (but also no xprivacy). I am really glad to have purchased DravDroid.


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