• Hallo,
    if davdroid request a GET (http://…/dav/addressbooks/8/1/690b97b7-b5e8-4ebe-b683-00f33481ed2e.vcf) and I response with VCard in the Body - I get an error that ETag is needed.
    Where should the ETag be? In the VCard ?
    In its working.

    Thank You

  • developer


    The server’s response must contain an ETag header for a GET request, regardless of the client. So this is a server problem.

  • Sorry for the message and thank you for fast reply.
    I added ETag to the header and every thing is fine.


    I think a cool feature would be testcases in http/xml for addressbooks, calendars and tasks like: the client send xml and expected that (minimum) answer.

    I wrote my own server and my friend was TINE and Wireshark 🙂

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