• Hello!
    First of all thank you very much for this great piece of software! Without this all my non-Google setup would be non-functional ;D
    Now to the question:
    I would like to save Name days in my contacts. Is it somehow possible to create “custom events” in Contacts? Only Birthday and another choice is shown. There doesn’t seem to be a custom input possibility.

    I tested this on CM 12.1 and on a Samsung 5.1 Stock ROM (A3 2016). Server is running Radicale.

    Does this just not work on my Setup, or is this generally not possible on DAVdroid?

    Thanks for your support 🙂

  • developer

    At the moment, vcard4android only supports birthdays and anniversaries.

    Theoretically, Android supports TYPE_OTHER and TYPE_CUSTOM events, but:

    1. How should such custom events be represented in VCards?
    2. I think there’s no Contacts editor which is able to edit other types than birthdays / anniversaries.
    3. The EditSchema would probably also have to be updated, but I don’t know the entries for custom event types, and as far as I know, they’re not documented anywhere. Probably there are none because Android’s Contacts app is by default not able to edit other events than anniversaries and birthdays.

  • Hi, I also would like support for custom event synchronization.
    The app Contact Editor (free/pro) from Marten Ganda has support for custom events. You can give them any name. These events are also correctly handled by my calendar apps and the Birthday Adapter app.
    BUT, only on the device on which I altered the contact. When synchronizing with other devices or when the account is created again on the same device, the custom events are gone.

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