search calendar app for tasks with dates

  • Hello,

    at the moment i search a calendar app that can handle tasks with dates.
    Now i have baikal running with my calendar and tasklist. I can create and sync events or tasks without any problems.
    I can create tasks with date e.g. testtask 2016/02/09 8pm and then sync with my android.
    My taskapp show me the task with the right date.
    I search a calendar app that not only show me events from my “normal” calender but also events created by tasks.
    Is there an app with this function or is this not possible?

  • developer

    @devil77 It would be possible, but as far as I know, there’s currently no such app for Android. It would have to query the Android Calendar Provider as well as third-party task providers like OpenTasks.

  • Ok, i know. Now i use bussines calendar and OpenTasks with davdroid.

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