Account not refreshing : popup

  • Hello

    davdroid works well on my android 6, except, sometimes, on the account I see it has not been refreshed recently.
    The cause is : when I stard manually davdroid application, I got the popup to donate.

    If I did not validate the popup for donation, the automatic sync will not work again.

    Any way to fix this issue please?


  • developer

    Synchronization is no way to the donation popup or whether DAVdroid is started manually or not.

    Are you sure that automatic synchronization is active for your device? Also, please post DAVdroid’s Debug Info.

  • Hello

    The sync is enabled. But it seems to not always start automatically.

    DAVdroid version: (87) Sun Jan 03 08:04:57 GMT+01:00 2016
    Installed from: org.fdroid.fdroid
    JB Workaround installed: no
    System-wide synchronization: automatically
      Address book sync. interval: —
      Calendar     sync. interval: 60 min
      OpenTasks    sync. interval: —
    Account: Shiva Contacts
      Address book sync. interval: 1440 min
      Calendar     sync. interval: —
      OpenTasks    sync. interval: —
    Android version: 6.0.1 (MMB29Q)
    Device: LGE Nexus 5X (bullhead)
  • developer

    The sync is enabled. But it seems to not always start automatically.

    Starting the synchronization is the task of Android’s Content Resolver. It’s not managed by DAVdroid, which only requests how often it would like to be called (if all other conditions are OK).

    Maybe it’s limited by Android’s numerous settings, for instance “Restrict background data” either in general or connection-specific? You may observe how your device behaves in WiFi and mobile networks.

  • @rfc2822

    I will check but I did not have restricted data usage, I’m pratically always in wifi but it happens the sync for davdroid did not launch for 2-3 days… When i launch the app manually after it’s ok.

    Maybe it’s related to android 6… i didn’t had issues on lolipop.

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