• Hi,

    ICS Droid regularly shows me notifications that it couldn’t sync. I think this is because my ICS feed takes a really long time and the connection times out. I just tested it and it takes 40 seconds to complete a request(it’s a free heroku app). Could you tell me what the timeout for a connection is or how I could verify that this is indeed my problem?



  • developer


    ICSdroid uses Android’s default HttpUrlConnection. Maybe you can find the default timeout values somewhere …

  • It seems that the default value is 0 which means, that it should wait indefinitely. So I moved my ICS feed to my Raspi which has no startup time unlike the Herokuapp.

  • developer

    If the default timeout is 0, the Heroku startup time shouldn’t be a problem. In case of an I/O error, ICSdroid should put put the exact error message into the notification, so you should be able to see what’s the reason. What’s your exact error message?

  • I am unable to reproduce the error as of right now. My feed depends on an external system, so it could be that that was the problem. Sorry for the confusion.

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