• Hi there everyone. I am using a synology NAS. I am testing the beta version. Recent changes have killed the CardDAV package that now only supports contact syncronization (calendar and taskas worked great in previous beta 1). CalDAV under WebDAV in the only option at the moment. The app seems to not be able to sync at all. I even followed your guide on Synology. I think the CardDAV is based on the opensource Apple server or something, but this, I have no clue.


    This is what’s inside a calendar’s folder:


  • No one is interested or owns a Synology NAS ? Is DAVdroid compatible only with certain types of servers ? Is this app still activelly maintained ?

  • developer

    Do you have (or had) more than 3 calendars in your Synology? There’s a DSM bug that returns 404 if there are more than 3 calendars.

  • Not on the same account.

  • developer

    @enr00ted said:

    Not on the same account.

    It seems like the account assignment doesn’t matter. Your Synology DSM returns 404, so DAVdroid can’t synchronize. This is a known Synology DSM problem and has been reported to and acknowledged by Synology.

  • So how come my e-mail client/manager , eM Client, is able to synchronize perfectly in this situation ? There’s even another app on the PlayStore, a very popular one like yours/this, that I was able to test and works well too. Synology DSM is now on RC build, and if I don’t remember wrong, the package was updated. I’ll git it a try to see if they fixed it.

  • developer

    @enr00ted Maybe other apps use other CalDAV methods (for instance, only PROPFIND instead of the better-suited REPORT calendar-query). If these clients are open-source, you can have a look at the source code – would be interesting.

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