Keep record of ignored vcards/iCals

  • developer

    When a vCard/iCal could not be processed, no database entry is created, so this entity will be downloaded at every synchronization.

    Keeping record of unparseable/unuseable (for instance, unsupported VTODO entries etc.) would avoid downloading unuseable data again and again.

  • we should store it internally in davdroid, no? Do you need contentprovider for that?

  • developer

    I don’t know if this is required anymore because

    1. there shouldn’t be unparseable records in normal operation,
    2. as soon as other components like VTODO are supported, this will be obsolete.

    Closing for now.

  • I’m not sure how DavDroid currently handles unparseable items, but it should somehow notify the user that something went wrong while parsing such items – otherwise the user could miss events, deadlines etc.

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