Radicale - No Resources were found during account creation

  • While creating a new (first) Davdroid account (version to connect my radicale server (newest version 1.1.0), no resources were found.
    (It seems that Davdroid tries to find the resources endlessly…)

    On the server side, the following error occurs:

            <CR:addressbook-description />
          <status>**HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found**</status>

    I am using the following Server-URL:

    The Radicale server works like a charm with Thunderbird/Lightning.

    Any hint or information is appreciated…

    Thanks in Advance…

  • developer

    @Maverick The quoted 404 is not an error, is just says that there’s no addressbook-description property.

    Please post logs from resource detection. However, I’m quite sure it’s a server configuration problem.

  • Thank you for your reply - a server configuration problem is still possible - but I have no idea what to check… 😕

    I posted the Radicale server logs here:

    and the Davdroid debug log …

    (IP addresses and user names are anonymized…)

    Thank you for your support 🙂

  • developer

    java.net.SocketTimeoutException indicates a TCP connection error. Maybe a firewall problem?

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