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  • Hi,
    right now when you add a calendar you have the option to select multiple calendars when connecting to an own cloud server and sync all the calendars. When you want to add a contact source then you only get radio buttons and you have to run through the dialog of the setup multiple times. I have for example 3 addressbooks I need to sync so I have to type in 3 time the server name, username, etc.

    1. Is there a reason for this behaviour?
    2. If not, is there a plan to change it?
    3. If there is no plan, if someone provides a patch would you accept it? (I only would start looking into this if it has a chance of getting accepted)

    Thanks, K.

  • developer

  • Hi,

    your first link:

    Okay, but why not create 5 accounts for 5 address books, that is happening when I do this 5 times manually.

    2nd link:
    Not much information in there, it refers to issue #55, what is issue 55? How can I find that issue?

    Thanks, K.

  • developer

    To summarize: DAVdroid continues Android’s concept of not having multiple address books per account.

    When you add one DAVdroid account, exactly one account will be created, and thus you can only add one address book.

    To answer your questions:

    1. The reason is given by Android’s Contact provider design. It doesn’t know the concept of address books, but only “contacts”.
    2. No, because that would imply that multiple accounts would have to be created, although the user adds only one account. But we will think about that with the UI change to Material.
    3. This would be a major change in the setup process, and thus quite complicated. So: Of course I’ll be happy to accept good a solution, but I I think there should be a good concept (including UI concept and how it should work technically) before any coding work.

  • I’d like to second the request, giving and example of a real use case. We use several address books and one is responsible for keeping some of these actual. Others have the benefit to not need to create same contacts too.
    6 People around (2 adults, 4 Kids) using owncloud 8.2

    1. My Wife has an own address book for her family sharing it with me and the kids.
    2. My wife has an own address book for her work related contacts sharing with me.
    3. My wife has an own address book for her friends sharing it with me.
    4. My wife has an own Address book for her private contacts.
    5. I have an own address book for my family sharing it with my inhouse/local family.
    6. I have an own address book for my work related contacts sharing with my wife.
    7. I have an own address book for family friends sharing with the family.
    8. I have an address book for my private contacts.
    9. I have an address book related to contacts with the house(hold) sharing with the local kids/my wife.
    10. ++ (nearly the same but less with calendars)

    As you can see in this example each of us and I would need to have at least 4-9 accounts (plus different email addresses for each) to get all things done together in a cloud manner. Alternately I could use an/two other (yellow) apps wich creates inside 5 account tabs (and allows modifying) just for contacts but I’d like to support DAVdroid.

    Therefore I’d ask for “Please keep this on your ToDo list”, this is a real time safer.

    Thanks Markus

  • I have exactly the same problem. There are apps which are able do handle multiple adressbooks.
    would be great if also davdroid could handle this.

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