NetStylus (Windows client) available

  • Hey all,

    NetStylus, a Windows client for Networktablet, is now stable enough that I feel comfortable spruiking it here. I’ve been using it on my Surface Pro 3 with marvellous results (or at least they would be marvellous if I could actually draw), but it should work on any device. It lets you choose touch, pen, or mouse input, and excitingly, as it’s built on the Universal Apps Platform, should also work on up-to-date Windows Phones (though I don’t think there are any in existence with a stylus yet…). It’s Windows 10 only, and available in the Windows Store.

    It will be free for a while, but eventually I will be selling it for $USD 1. (Half of any revenue will be dontated to Bitfire). Source code is available at (I don’t expect to make much money, to tell the truth I’m interested in how a paid app with freely available source code performs).

  • Hi,
    this is exactly what I was looking for, but your app link gives a 404.

    So I’ve tried to build it myself, but I’m stuck currently.
    Visual Studio compiles the app fine, but windows doesn’t want to start the resulting .exe. Windows wants it in an app package. But here the problem starts, because when I tell VS to create an app package out of this application VS instantly crashes.
    Is there another source for the pre-compiled app or can I somehow start the compiled .exe without making an app package out of it?


  • The app is back in the store now and works.

    I wasn’t able to build it myself:

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