Gradle sync failed: Configuration with name 'default' not found.

  • Hi,

    I downloaded the sources yesterday and imported the zip file into Android Studio. Android Studio shows me the above error. Some of the gradle files probably cannot find a library. I have to admit I am not able to spot which file is causing the issue and what is wrong in the file in question.

    Did someone get this error as well and can give me a nudge?

    Thanks, K.

  • developer

    Did you fetch the submodules as well? There should be non-empty dav4android, ical4android, vcard4android and MemorizingTrustManager directories.

  • mmh, no there are only the empty folders. I assumed when I download the “complete” zip file that I have everything and gradle should be supposed to download dependencies. I will try to copy these projects into these folders. If it doesn’t work I will update the thread.


  • developer

    DAVdroid uses “git submodules”, so you will have to fetch them with git submodule init, git submodule update or just fetch everything with --recursive as described on Compiling DAVdroid.

  • developer

    So, did downloading the submodules fix your problem?

  • admin

    @Kalle any update on this?

  • Hi, yes it fixed it. I downloaded them all manually. But this issue can be closed. Sorry for not finding the right Wiki page. K.

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