• By the way, it also supports multitouch, you can draw lines, triangles and rectangles directly with your fingers; super cool!

  • @wech71 : humm, so, what it is other in Win7 and in your Win8 … ask your Win8 if the ports okey for let getting the / for service outside, because, the GfxTablet_WindowsDriver-v1.1.exe from nesh have an other checksum and an (maybe) other name as your driver, and the Firewall should in any case ask for port opening, did it ask by start in your win8 (btw, which Win8, an i586 or an x86_64?) (german: also die firewall sollte normalerweise aufpoppen und fragen ob die exe okey ist und nach ausen einen port bieten darf (german))

    Nesh108, nice 👍 (with the resolution)

    but if i go over my hand and the tablet feels my hand and this with multitousch… uahh, i whant clean lines g and need it in the grafix fo have an possible for painting an well Grafix, and there disturbs multi touch only, but, if i use the tablet as mouse replacement, like on laptops/netbooks it’s really well but then should be an left and an right mousepad be on botton, for moving the mouse with the finder and the pad at bottom should be then the mousekey relacement like on the notepad, but for there need writing an enhancement for the gfxtablet to have an right and a left mousekey/pad like on netbooks/laptops it is at bottom to Buttons/swiches/pats for right and left mousekey… maybe an an other app : GFXTouchpad what can be created (as suggestion) 😉

    The Pen Problem:
    The problem it is, if i go with my pen from the tablet near on it, don’d press the left mousebutton, but if i go more away, then press continuous the “virtual left mousebutton …”
    the distance meter on the touch screen by my tablet feel the pen if i over it and let see an round point, if i touch with the pen the screen should the left virtual mousebutton pressed, and if i presson the stik the small switch should the right mousekey activated got the file/folder menu
    so the pen it is so an replacement for the mouse (like i see it correctly) and on any pen should be an small switch tor the forefinger/index finger on the pen and this switch should be the replacement for the right mousekey… if i right …
    So, if you be over the mousepad and the distance meter “feel” the pen ~1 cm over the tablet, can you move the mouse around… in distance of the scrreen/over the tablet, so, if you go now close to the tablet, should be the mouse turn into pressing left mousekey if you touch with the Pen the Screen of your tablet it is direct pressed the right mousekey and you can paint/write or how ever …
    this is normal…

    now, on your driver Nesh, if i be close on the screen near touching the surface, can i move the mouse around, go i now more less on the screen with my pen, go the mouse into the virtual left key pressing and move the folders/files away if i be over it , totally inversely as it should be … it feels a bit confusing -g-

    best regards

  • @Nesh108 it does not display anythin in the console when started from the command line, sorry.

    @blackcrack Nein, wie gesagt, ich habe keine Firewall-Nachfrage bekommen, was aber daran liegen könnte das es wohl eine java-Anwendung ist und java schon entblockt ist. Andererseits kann es auch sein dass das java-Sicherheitsmodell da einen Strich durch die Rechung macht. Und ich habe windows 7 64 Bit nicht windows 8. Nesh hat Windows 8, ich hatte nur vermutet dass es eventuell daran liegt.

  • @wech71 ach sooo (also zu beidem -smile-) hummm… so at my win7 has ask because the driver
    and i have not open at all, only this applications who it need, then i let ask my firewall and so i have the possible for know which program enabled and which not and which port enabled and which not … sooo… maybe it’s this the error what you have, to have generally java enabled, but this programm it’s maby still blocket, because it’s an exe or something… -shoulder twitch-

    @Nesh108 : ah jea, try it direktly now… but sometime should i go into the bed g
    have an hard warehouse day tomorrow again 🙂

  • @Nesh108 : uhh now press continuous the right mouse button and if i be over my thunderbird mailtree, pops all folders open if i go over the the mailtree … and if i go over the headers, pop the mail-window open for reading …from the mails …huhh … hard …, so… not good, really not good -g-
    should be moving easy only the mouse without pressing any key only moving the mouse …
    There it is moving mouse and pressing the right mousekey with GfxTablet_WindowsDriver-blackcrack.exe and activate all what’s on the way -g-
    so, good night up to tomorrow -smile-

    best regards

  • Mmm ok, so you got something weird with your mouse setup. Try this version then:

  • Hy Nesh108 🙂

    i have download it now and have try it out, all of it, works better, it can now clean move around the arrow 👍
    but if i go now over an webpage, let view the round “scroll per arrow” pat on the webbrowser, it’s the
    fast pressed 3th mouse swich/key, which ever be pressed fast in intervals from some millisecounds…
    if i press with the mouse the middle/3th swich/key, come the same rounded pad for scrolling the page but more stable if i press the 3th button continually … oh i have become with at moment, if i move up and down, then reacted the mousearrow …
    at moment it is the move around, it is coupled with the 3th mousekey(the scroll well) by pressing.
    make an new exe… and try something else g you know now the “left mouse press” and the 3th mouse press spasmodically … with 3-600 mls or something …
    the mouse arrow mus float freely, only if i touch the surface of the tablet, mus pressed the left mouse-key virtually and the pen mus get out an “virtually” color or an button mus be pressed,
    if the surface be touched via the pen by side of the Galaxy tablet (you become really cheap an tablet today with android 4.2.1 (n8000)) the pen have also an key/swich on the side of it for using with the fore finger to make an right mousepress for an menu … but it jumps easy only at bottom if i press it on the pen.
    so, this the report from the GfxTablet_WindowsDriver-blackcrack2.exe

    to the next try 🙂

    best regards

  • I need instructions!! I"m super confused what I’m suppose to do.

  • @Blooface: are you talking about my version? Or wech71’s?

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