Davdroid unable to selct more than one address book

  • Hi friends,
    I’ve just installed owncloud and contacts plus and calendar plus.
    I can connect to my owncloud server by contacts plus path (http://www.mysite.org/owncloud/remote.php/contactsplus/) and I can view my ten address book onto Davdroid, but I can select only one and not all at the same time.
    I’ve not a google play account, I’ve installed Davdroid by F-Droid.

    Could you help me?

    many thanks!


  • developer


    Android doesn’t have the concept of “address books”, there are just “contacts”, and those are per account. If you want to have more address books, you will have to add more than one account.

  • Ok, very thanks for your help!
    I was generated (badly) many address book as many address group;
    the correct way was to import into a only one address book and create and associate instead specific contacts to its group.


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