[Update for Newbie] How to update from 0.6.12 to latest (

  • Hello all,

    I’m looking for a way to update a smartphone from DAVdroid 0.6.12 to

    When we got new smartphones, my wife and I, we took two identical Sony Xperia E3, but on different access providers. On both, we installed from Google Play DAVdroid at the then-current version, which was 0.6.12. My phone updated OK, but my wife’s never did.

    I assume my own phone auto-updated for each new version, but I didn’t see it, I just checked now and it’s My wife’s phone, however, is still lagging behind at 0.6.12.

    I searched for a way to update - if possible, without uninstalling and reinstalling - but found none. Basically, I find no “Update” button, neither in the phone’s Apps list, when I look at the DAVdroid properties, nor on the DAVdroid app itself.

    We’re both seasoned IT people on Windows and Linux, but casual smartphone users, we don’t have our phones’ root and have no experience with smartphone subtleties…

    So here’s my question : how do you manage to update this DAVdroid 0.6.12 to ? Is there somewhere a procedure or hints for smartphone noobs ?

    Thanks in advance for any hint !

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    If you open the Play store on your wifes phone and search for DAVdroid and open the store page there should be an update button!


  • Hi Bernhard,

    Thanks for your answer, I would never have searched there, to me the store was for new apps, not for updates.

    I tell you asap how it worked ^-^

    Kind regards,

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