• I have a similar problem, but it’s not a matter of calendar size.

    I sync owncloud calendars with a lot of devices, but only one has repetitive issues. In detail I can’t get all of my three calendars when syncing the first time (in most cases). But at the latest after syncing some more times all calendars are gone completely, so in the calendar app the “syncing calendars” window is blank.
    The weird thing is that my tablet (same Android 6.0 version) doesn’t have those problems at all. Also none of the other used devices have syncing problems. I’ve also tried several different calendar apps…

    System info:
    Android 6.0 MRA58N
    LGE Nexus 5
    DAVdroid version 0.9.x

    Here is a log file of one first sync:


  • developer

    Thanks for your report. I’m not sure that I understand your problem. Could you please tell us

    1. the exact problem,
    2. steps to reproduce?

  • Okay:

    1. I create the DAVdroid “account”. I can see all of my calendars and tick them.
    2. Now calendars are syncing, but sometimes not all of them will be synced (in the case of the loglog file one is missing; only the two are shown under the synced calendars in calendar app)
    3. After several more syncs calendars in calendar app are gone completely.

    It’s happening everytime, but only with this device…

  • developer

    (Un?)fortunately, I can’t reproduce that problem here.

  • I think I solved it.

    The database of calendars provider became blank completely with time (it wasn’t really a syncing problem, so 3. wasn’t correct). So I unchecked all other apps with calendar permission. In detail Signal Messenger should be the app that caused my problems.

    Can anyone verify this? This app can’t be used on (noncellular) tablets…

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