Randon Duplicate Calender Entries

  • Phones SM-900I(Galaxy S5 AU) running LP 5.1.1(Resurrection Remix ROM)
    Calendar Zimbra 8.6.0_GA_1182 (build 20150907121026)

    • My wife and I have view access to each others’ calendars, and we each have two separate Zimbra accounts(business and personal) on the same server, we also manage our daughter’s schedule with her own zimbra account(she doesn’t use it, just us).

    • We have an intermittent issue where we will see duplicates of the other’s events in some events, these may be “joint meetings”(where one of us has invited the other) or “owner only events”. The intermittency seems to affects both types equally, this occurs fairly evenly across our personal and business accounts.

    • If I am seeing a duplicate of my wife’s appointment on my phone, she won’t see any duplication on her phone. Vice versa also applies. The duplication is never seen by the owner of the appointment’s device.

    • I have viewed these calendars on another dav client Thunderbird 38.3.0 running Lightning under my account, and there is no duplication of my wife’s appointments whatsoever(whereas there is when viewing the same appointment from my phone)

    • We also both have read/write access to our daughter’s calendar, which we also display via DAVdroid, and we never see duplicates in her appointments under any circumstances.

    • We would initiate appointments from the phone and the web interface so I’m confident that we’re triggering appointments to and from all possible device combinations.

    • This problem has only been occuring since version 0.9(when you rebuilt the internals of DAVdroid) prior to that, I had a different problem which I logged under your github installation(the last one I put on github). Since version 0.9 this previous problem disappeared, and seems to have manifested(at least in timing) as this new problem.

    • I sat down with both phones, turned on DAVdroid logging and had tail -f running on my Zimbra logfile, but couldn’t reproduce the problem so I haven’t been able to capture anything useful in the logs to submit.

    At this stage I am hoping for suggestions on how I can capture this problem in the logs, its intermittency makes it very hard. I was hoping to bring better information to this initial fault report than I’ve been able to.

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