Certificat problem after upgrade

  • Hi,

    I have a problem after upgrade my DAVdroid application on FDroid (i was some versions before last one)

    My certificate isn't accepted by DAVdroid anymore since the upgrade.
    I run Baikal on my Raspberry Pi at home and don't have DNS (don't need)

    Before it worked fine, Now i have this message:
    "Le serveur n'a pas pu s'authentifier comme "xx.xxx.xxx.xxx". Le certificat est valide uniquement pour:

    CN=xx.xxx.xxx.xxx, O=YYYYYYYY, ST=MaVille, C=FR

    Voulez-vous vous connecter quand même?..."

    I have CAdroid installed to import the certificate, i uprade it the same time as DAVdroid and it didn't worked too after that to fetch my certificat.
    I have to get the previous version of CAdroid back to fetch successfully my certificate.
    But i can't get the version of DAVdroid i got before on FDroid...

    Any Idea?
    Sorry for my english.

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