Server returns 404 on REPORT calendar-query

  • Hello,

    I am running in a problem with an new created calendar sync.
    The new calendar was set up on my Synology Diskstation. I added the account and the new calendar was found on the server.
    I started the sync. and I've got a debug protocol

    [log removed]

    All my other calendars are working fine. I am confused.

    Best Regards


  • admin


    thank you for the report. can you maybe attach the log file via upload, it's abit corrupted and barely readable 😏

  • One thing is strange...
    I can find something about a Calendar "Firma" in it. I have also a Calendar with this name, but not associated with this one.

  • developer

    Unless you have deleted and it so doesn't exist anymore, this is a server problem. Please contact your vendor.

  • When I create the calendar ist shows up and I can choose it. As soon as I start the sync I get this message.

  • developer

    @DG3IC So the server returns a 404 message. There's nothing I can do about it. Please contact your vendor.

  • developer

    I have just found out that Synology DSM CalDAV returns a 404 if there's no entry yet (which is very wrong behavior).

    So, adding an event (and task, if you use task lists) to the Synology DAVdroid account and then sychronizing fixes the 404 problem here. Maybe you can check this?


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