Pressure sensor and Sense stylus do not work fine

  • Hi boys! Regards from Colombia! Congratulations for this app, it is amazing! However, I have some tiny troubles:

    1. The pressure sensor does not work for me. I checked the #1 and #2 reports about this issue. I suppose that you say something like edit some Java file in the PC. I looking for this file path in my PC, but this not exist.

    2. When I enable “Sense stylus only” in the app, the app stop working. Seems like the app stop to send data to the PC. What‘s wrong?

    I use openSUSE 12.3, Android 4.0.4 and the last version of the app avaliable in Google Play Store.

    Note: sorry for my poor english. .

  • admin

    Hello boy!

    Sorry for my late answer, I was on vacation 😉

    You don’t need to edit Java files on your PC. Did you install the uinput driver? You have to download the source code and then compile it for your system. Then run the compiled driver in console and make sure your Android device and PC are in the same network (WIFI). Disable the firewall on your PC for testing or open port 40118 so to make sure that packets can be transferred between your Android and OpenSUSE.

    Hope you get it to run!

  • developer

    Is this still an issue for you?

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