[OwnCloud] DAVdroid just sync contacts without group membership

  • DAVdroid just sync contacts without a group membership. The problem was identified with OwnCloud 7.0.2. So I used the chance to update to OwnCloud 8.2.0 . The problem is still there. I don’t synchronize my OC-Account with any other device just by Sony Z3 compact.

    Some ideas where the problem could be?

    DAVdroid 0.9.1
    Sony Xperia Z3 compact (Android 5.1.1)

    OwnCloud 8.2.0
    Apache, SQLite

  • admin

    Theoretically DAVdroid supports groups via the vCard3 “CATEGORIES” field and Owncloud uses this kind of group management, or at least I know that it used it in the past… I’ve no idea where the problem may be in this case, since I don’t know OC so well…

  • I have same problem with android 5.1.1 (Sony Z1 compact) and Owncloud (8.2.2) and davdroid 1.0.8 (last version available in f-droid)

    Owncloud send all contact (format seem ok), davdroid received all contact and in log file davdroid indicated that all contact is added. But all contact with ‘CATEGORIES:’ field are not available in phone.
    Owncloud group are not created in phone, but i can create group in phone and add contacts, in that case, group appear in owncloud. But if, i remove account and create same account, there is same problem, group are not re-created and contacts in that group are not available in phone.

    example entry with ‘CATEGORIES’ (same contact without ‘CATEGORIES’ work)

    PRODID:+//IDN bitfire.at//DAVdroid/1.0.8 vcard4android ez-vcard/0.9.9&#13;
    FN:GuiGui BriBri&#13;
    </card:address-data></d:prop><d:status>HTTP/1.1 200 OK</d:status></d:propstat></d:response>

    ps: if the correction is not simple, it would be very useful to add it to the FAQ

  • developer

    I have just tried with our test device and I can’t reproduce the problem (created contact in OwnCloud with new group, synchronized → contact appeared on tablet).

    I guess this is a problem with your contact editor. Please try another contact editor.

    Also, please provide verbose steps to reproduce and logs.

  • I can’t find other contact editor on f-droid and i don’t have Play (google) account.
    But i have find contact exporter, and in exported file, i see missing contact, but without ‘CATEGORIES’ field 😞 (perhaps bug in export application)

    I think, you right, it’s Sony Experia Z1 editor contact bug 😞

    thank you for your anwser

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