• Hey there,

    I’ve been using OwnCloud for a while and was excited to find the calendar feature can be accessed from my Android smartphone through DAVDroid.

    After importing my OwnCloud account through DAVDroid, I’ve found the default calendar app only finds and displays the contents of only one of the four OwnCloud calendars set up on my account. Syncing with these calendars on Thunderbird on the Desktop work flawlessly.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    OwnCloud latest 8.1.4 (stable)
    DavDroid latest stable
    Android - Cyanogenmod 12.1-20151111-NIGHTLY-d851

  • developer

    Syncing with these calendars on Thunderbird on the Desktop work flawlessly.

    Does calendar detection work with Thunderbird or do you have to enter the URL directly? You can enter specific URLs in DAVdroid, too.

    Without further information, I guess that this is a server problem because resource detection of multiple calendars with OwnCloud has been tested and is known to work.

  • Funnily enough after making a new profile with the URL in the format:


    did it pick up all the calendars and contacts. My original URL was simply:


    which I assumed was correct as the app did not complain otherwise. Perhaps this could be emphasized if the app detects you are trying to use OwnCloud?

    In any case, user issue. Thanks for the help!

  • admin

    You’re welcome,

    thanks for the update,

    if the server is correctly set up with .well-known URLs http(s)://owncloud_server/ should have been sufficient. More specifically entered URLs are checked by DAVdroid if all the auto-detection hasn’t come to a success.

    NBevertheless, great that it works now!

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