Pull request from old github

  • Hi,

    after the move you closed this pull request https://github.com/bitfireAT/davdroid/pull/574/files . It doesn’t seem to be in the master of current git server. Can you comment on the reason?

    Thanks, K.

  • developer


    Thanks for your time and interest.

    To be honest, I understand your point (that it’s unnecessary to select the only entry in a list), but I think it’s more clear for the user when the account name is shown and has to be selected. Also, there may be “General settings” in the future, and then this “feature” would have to be reverted.

  • Hi,

    though I don’t follow this argument I of course accept your decision. Would be nice nevertheless to get an active update on and not only silently let this die. This would keep people involved.


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