Question: How can I connect to a server without login?

  • Is it possible to connect to a server anonymously, that means without login?

    I have a Wordpress page with a Timely Calendar. Now I want to view the Events from this Website also in my Android calendar.
    But when I try to create a connection in DAVdroid it rejects a connection entry without login and password.
    What can I do to connect to this server?

    Thanks, Sven

  • admin

    Hello Sven,

    I don’t think DAVdroid is the app you need in this case. CardDAV and CalDAV should be used to do a two way sync which requires some kind of authentication to be useful.

    What you maybe need is our other app: ICSdroid. With this app you can subscribe to .ics-files and add them to you calendar.


  • Hi Bernhard,

    this was what I was looking for.


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