DAVdroid released

  • admin

    Hello everyone,

    DAVdroid has one again improved on a very wide front of stuff. Here is what’s new in 0.9.1

    • debug info dialog: various bug fixes and improvements
    • external logging: various bug fixes and improvements
    • contacts sync.: handle invalid photo URLs without host name
    • calendar/tasks sync.: only overwrite collection name and color if data is actually provided by server
    • events: always set HAS_ATTENDEE_DATA to 1, so that “attend: yes/no/maybe” is only shown for events with attendees
    • basic support for non-persistent cookies (e.g. used by Horde for session tracking)
    • other small improvements


    We hope you enjoy the various improvements!

  • developer


    • resource detection: ignore 404 errors when trying context paths
    • dav4android: fix calendar-multiget request
    • minor GUI fixes
  • developer


    • fixed bug where local tasks were deleted by mistake and disappeared
    • debug info: send report inline up to 8000 characters, as attachment otherwise
    • new upstream libraries (OkHttp 2.6.0, ez-vcard 0.9.8, slf4j-android 1.7.13)
    • minor improvements
  • developer


    • increase default timeouts because some servers are known to be very slow
    • bug fix: process EXDATEs when there are no explicit exceptions
    • bug fix: User-Agent string now contains build date instead of today’s date
    • libraries: new okhttp version

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