• Hi

    Is there any plans to implement certificate based authentication?


  • developer


    What’s your exact use case? Do you use it in a corporate environment where a CA issues user certificates, or do you use just to avoid password authentication?

  • @rfc2822


    I’m personal user just looking for options to tighten security a litle bit more.
    It would be nice to force Apache https to serve only authenticated calls.
    Login/Password of caldav/card in mycase owncloud can still be active.


  • Hi,

    I am also interested in mutual authentication. I want to get rid of passwords.

    I would like the option to generate self-signed certificate on the mobile and register this certificate on the server.

    I think this would make a more secure system, free from the issues of classic password authentication.

  • Hello,

    is there any update in this topic ?

    Due to security reasons, my owncloud is only accessable via client certificates . Currently all requests from my smartphone (Android 6) are rejected, even if i am able to access the server with chrome. (Chrome supports client certificates)

    If you need a test environment, i can set up a testserver for you.

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