• This forum is used for “issue tracking”, but has the following limitations:

    • It’s a forum and not an issue tracker, i.e. can’t track issue in the sense that it systematically collects and evaluates meta data of contributions of developers and reports, i.e. it can’t track issues at all.
    • Posts can’t be edited. That’s state-of the art and both solves and prevents a lot of issues.
    • Posts can’t be moderated by devs which causes a lot of messages in the form of [nonsense details, like "I've been using the app since bla and like it very much, but now I have a problem"][actual problem], Thank you, Me too or whatever you can post to annoy the world)
    • It doesn’t provide integration with the code and creates more work for devs which have to close and reference issues manually while they could do it in commit messages - think about future devs which want to contribute to the project.

    Providing an issue tracker is strongly recommended for smooth and fun software development.

  • +1

    Enabling issues tracker on gitlab would make everyones life simpler. I had to make an account here to report one issue, where more people already have accounts on gitlab.

  • +1. Really needed.

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