Multi Monitor problem

  • I use a multi monitor system and i have a little problem with the cursor.
    When i up the s-pen/finger on the screen of the device and down the cursor moved to a different area while should allow me to continue the movement.

  • admin

    Can you confirm that it works correctly when you only use one monitor (having the second one disabled)?

  • uhm for disable i need to change the configuration of my monitors but i think that work

  • it work on one monitor, but on Ubuntu 13.04 whit 2 monitors there is bug, getWeight() return the weight of two monitors, have to return on the weight of current monitor only

  • Hello, I have just come across this issue as I've only just installed the app. To make the stylus only be read on a single screen, it is very simple.

    • Use xrandr to identify which monitor you would like to have the stylus picked up on.
    • Use xinput --list to identify the "Network Tablet"
    • Finally, use the following

    xinput --map-to-output <Network tablet ID> <Output device>
    xinput --map-to-output 12 DVI-0

  • Even better:

    xinput map-to-output "$( xinput list --id-only "Network Tablet" )" DVI-I-1

  • I would suggest implementing a small Area offset (i have done in my version).. Because not only does it make Multiple Monitor-Setups simpler to handle, it will also make it possible to use the full Tablet Area usable for just e.g. the Drawing Area of the Program...


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