DAVDroid and SOGo (ading a new calendar)

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    I will explain our usage off the application and perhaps someone can show me a workaround to our issue.

    We are using DAVDroid to manage our SOGo calendars in our enterprise. In the web SOGo interface I can subscribe to my colleague’s calendars then I install the application in my smartphone and I can see them. Everything correct up to now.

    The issue appears when I add a new colleague trough the web interface. If I want to see it in my phone, I need to delete my DAVDroid account and create again, in order to see the recently added calendar. I can’t find a way to see this new calendars without recreating my account.

    I am wrong? Is there a workaround to avoid recreating the account?

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  • developer


    At the moment, this is not possible: https://davdroid.bitfire.at/faq/entry/editing-davdroid-accounts

  • Hello,

    Sorry for not looking it before in the FAQ’s.

    Thank you !!!


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