• Hi,

    I want to replace my owncloud server and I am looking at an alternative server for carddav/caldav. My needs are quite simple: few users (2-5) but able to create multiple addressbooks/calendars and share them individually between different users. It can be written in any language as long as it is not going to use too much resources.

    What would you recommend as a server?

    Many thanks for your input.

  • developer

    I’m wondering myself too… at the moment, I use Radicale, emulating a shared calendar by symlinking it between two users. Have never found that documented anywhere, but it works well. However, it doesn’t understand VCards/iCalendars semantically, so queries like time-range limited calendar queries don’t work (and always return all events).

    Baïkal would be nice, but I didn’t find a possibility to share calendars.

    DAViCal is said to be able to share calendars, but it required PostgreSQL. May give it a try…

  • Owncloud and Contact/carddav is really a sad story:
    Beginning as a good alternative to Google/Apple Cloud it started a spiral downward after the maintainer of the contact app had left Owncloud community in April 2014. Some people from OC Core takes the pain to keep this worn-out horse more or less standing in the fast changing OC environment in the following months.

    But in February 2015, when Owncloud version 8 was born, this old horse was outsourced and separated from the OC Core.

    In Summer 2015 with contactplus a fresh alternative with long missed new features was entering the ballroom.
    With the old contact app as a pain in the neck the prima ballerina contactplus was even nominated as a official replacement of the dead horse in autumn 2015. But it was a short dance as the maintainer of contactplus stepped out quite suddenly in November 2015.

    So everybody with Owncloud is still “riding” on this worn-out horse called contact app - and desperately waiting for the carddav interface to be reintegrated again into the Core of OC. World premiere is expected for March 2016 with OC 9.0.

    Why I write this long story in a DAVDroid forum?

    Because during the last month DAVDroid suffer from this home-made problems of the OC carddav interface, especially with the new release of DAVDroid pointing out all the bugs of the OC Contact app. But it is always the bearer of bad news to be blamed with the problems.

    So did I too, because it takes some time to realize the above mentioned OC context.

    But nevertheless - and with regard to the subject of this forum item: I am still in favour of Owncloud!
    It takes a lot of pain to find the correct patches for the current OC Contact App, but right now my OC Server is running very smoothly in combination with DAVDroid on several Android Clients syncing different address books of different users.

    And with regard to the future of the OC carddav interface: there is a light at the end of the tunnel - ups - meaning the dawn…

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