Memo / notes (in CalDAV) sync support?

  • I am testing Baikal and noticed in Evolution there is support for Memo sync which is implemented via the VJOURNAL data type in CalDAV, apparently.

    Is this supported by DAVDroid and if so, which Android application could be used to edit / view such notes/memo data?

  • developer

    No, it’s currently not supported. And we had already looked for Android applications that would be usable for this:

    1. They need a publically accessible Content Provider.
    2. They need to support multiple “note books” = collections with notes.

    Please note that a VJOURNAL is not actually a note, but an entry in a calendar for a certain time or date that doesn’t occupy time. It can also has a “null” date, then it’s equivalent to a note.

    If you (or somebody else) know applications that fulfill these requirements, please post them here.

  • Thank you. I don’t think it would be difficult for at least a few of the Free/libre apps at FDroid to match such criteria. I’ll take a look and perhaps file enhancement requests, here is the list I am looking at:

  • I’m interested in this feature request too. I would donate my time to implement an appropriate ContentProvider.
    I’m thinking about cloning OpenTasks to support VJOURNAL entries. In the long run, it would be a separate app differentiating in style, branding and code.

    If it’s necessary then I’m willing to provide a basic (test) app that supports VJOURNAL entries as described in this Wikipedia entry.

    Keep in mind that I’m not experienced in Android development, though. I’m more of a Java/Spring backend guy. This would be my first major Android application (cloning OpenTasks).

    Before starting development I would like to know if the DAVDroid team is interested in supporting VJOURNAL entries.


  • developer

    At the moment, it’s not our primary goal, because tasks can be used more or less the same way as notes.

    However, we’d like to support VJOURNAL, of course. But I think creating a new notes app (cloning OpenTasks) would only be the last resort, and who will maintain it? I think it would be much better to cooperate with one of the already existing notes apps. I have seen some good ones. Unfortunately, most of them had only “notes” and not “note books” (folders which contains notes).

    If you’re really interested in this feature, would you like to check who of the existing open-source notes apps would like to integrate with DAVdroid?

  • Thank you for your response. I will check some open source apps and get in touch with the maintainers. I will come back to you and report the results.

  • After looking at some apps I found NotePad. Imho, NotePad would be a good content provider for DAVdroid.

    I chatted with maintainer regarding DAVdroid support and he is interested in supporting DAVdroid. From what I see there is already support for task lists and a minimum VJOURNAL item with UID, SUMMARY and DESCRIPTION. Solely DTSTAMP is up for discussion.

    The maintainer does not looking forward to add new fields that are optional for a VJOURNAL item in order to retain the simple ui.
    Imho there is no need for more fields either. Otherwise it would defeat the purpose for OpenTasks integration in DAVdroid.

    Please take a look at the discussion on this Github issue and let me know if you are interested in an integration with NotePad.


  • No one respond to my request. I think there is no demand for such a feature. I’m out of this request. If someone wants to take over, feel free.

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