• developer

    We’re happy that we can announce the release of DAVdroid/0.9!


    What has changed?

    • DAVdroid now uses dav4android for WebDAV/CalDAV/CardDAV – completely rewritten library
      • uses KXmlParser streaming parser instead of SimpleXML DOM parser (should be faster)
    • DAVdroid now uses ical4android to access Android Calendar Provider and parse/generate iCalendar files – completely rewritten library
    • DAVdroid now uses vcard4android to access Android Contacts Provider and parse/generate VCards – completely rewritten library
    • DAVdroid now uses the okhttp HTTP library which brings many benefits, including SPDY and HTTP/2 support
    • improved resource detection at setup allows to add collections which are not auto-detectable
    • verbose notification on sync errors that shows many details and can be shared (e.g. sent via email)
    • ability to log into external text files
    • MemorizingTrustManager has been added to DAVdroid to allow bypassing the system CA verification (useful for self-signed certificates if you don’t want to install them system-wide)
    • should fix “Accounts not visible” in Sony/HTC stock firmware Contacts app (untested)
  • developer

    The DAVdroid hotfix addresses three issues:

    1. Synchronization failed when creating new tasks because of mistreating null values in SEQUENCE (DAVdroid 0.9+ increases the SEQUENCE when it uploads a modified event/task).
    2. New events where created with SEQUENCE=1.
    3. TLS v1.1 and v1.2 is now available for Android <5 again (if supported). See https://github.com/square/okhttp/issues/1934

  • Can you please post full releases on the beta forum as well, such that beta testers can update to the most recent version?

  • developer

    DAVdroid/ hot fix:

    1. bug fix: synchronize all task lists again (instead of only first one)
    2. bug fix: for crash bug when activating external logging without external storage
    3. bug fix: lower target SDK to 22 (pre-M) to fix crashes on Android 6; new permissions model will be implemented later
    4. minor feature: better handling of contacts without N/FN
  • developer

    DAVdroid/ hot fix:

    1. Contacts sync: if REPORT addressbook-query doesn’t work, don’t ignore other exceptions than HTTP 40x errors
    2. Digest auth improvements (e.g. work arounds bugs of OS X Calendar Server, i.e. it works with OS X Calendar Server again)
    3. minor feature: better support for exotic IMPP handles and names
    4. new French translations

  • This post is deleted!
  • developer


    • Address book sync.: fall back to PROPFIND when REPORT addressbook-query returns 400, 403, 500 or 501 (for instance, for old OwnCloud versions)
    • ical4android: treat empty-string task location and URL as null values
    • vcard4android: ignore raw contact data without MIMETYPE
    • gracefully ignore when server doesn’t sent Content-Type in GET responses
    • merge translations from Transifex

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