404 Not Found after calendar removal

  • I had three calendars, but I decided to remove one of them and DAVdroid everytime it sync shows notification that the deleted calendar was not found with error code 404. In addition in settings menu in accounts tab I have Can't sync. Soon restarts or something like that, cause I am using different language than english.

    The noficiation is as follow:

    at.bitfire.davdroid.webdav.NotFoundException: 404 Not Found
    at bitfire.davdroid.webdav.WebDavResource.checkResponse(WebDavResource.java...

    I think it is easy to reproduce it.

    Thanks in advance

  • developer

    If you have removed the calendar, how shall DAVdroid synchronize it? 🙂

    And at the moment, it doesn’t remove local calendars when they’re removed remotely.

  • Well it could allow to remove manually instead of readding account 😉

    Anyway I managed to so.

    You can leave this thread open for later suggestions.


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