Not all contacts sync with Baikal

  • Hi,

    I installed today my new PC, in which I installed the Baikal server.
    The synchronisation went well with my second PC (contact and calendar).

    But with my phone, I have a problem. I have 519 contacts, and only 140 were synchronised with my phone (the calendar looks OK).

    Can anyone help?

  • OK, so I’ve been invited to the beta tester group and installed the 0.9-beta1-2.
    After that, to be sure, I deleted my contact configuration on the phone, create a new one and recync. Yesterday, I still had only 140 contacft synced.
    Today I remade the test to retrieve the log, and this time, it synced 376 (progress but it is still not it :().

    Here is my log of that sync DAVdroid1.log
    The thing is, on line 1813 we see that it found the correct amount of contact.

    Any ideas?

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