Overwrite Androids "Displayname"

  • Hi,
    you did very nice work with this app. Seamlessly integrating and works.

    Currently I have the “problem”, that I organized my contacts in Thunderbird with a displayname like “<some abbreviation for e.g. the company> firstname lastname”. In my old phone I had to store this “displayname” completly in the lastname field, to keep it this way. At this time it’s exactly the same with my Android phone. Android would mess things up if I save the contacts with first- and lastname. This much for background information.

    So here is the feature request:
    it is possible to overwrite the displayname for the rawContact after the insertion of the structured name (maybe had to be done after other updates to the data table as well, didn’t test this yet [CyanogenMod Android 4.4.4]) by doing an update to the RawContactsTable. This way the displayname of the contact (if the rawcontact is the name source for the contact of course) will be saved as given and is not messed up by Android.
    Androids handling of name contacts could also be related to #339.

    And yes, this approach needs also work on the contactseditor. Currently I’m checking out the possibilities for this part.

    Although my time is very limited atm I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this feature with you, check out, if it will be possible to implement this in the future and offer my help for this. The feature itself is not that hard to implement but there are some preconditions:

    • the user should have the choice if he wants to enable this feature -> we need some option for this, if I read the forum right then you are planning to add some improvements there?
    • handling of contacts without displayname / different displayname in structuredName - rawContact-table and so on

    As I said, at first this should be only a discussion starting point and to check out, if you are willing to implement such a feature, ask about your roadmap and maybe offer a little bit of help on the way.

    Best regards

  • developer


    Thanks for your suggestion. Two things:

    1. Of course you can put the organization name together with the person name into the VCard4 FN (and DAVdroid will sync that), but why don’t you just put the organization name into the Organization field? If you want to sort your contacts by Organization or something like that, you’d have to use another Contacts app (I believe there are ones that are able to do that), but you shouldn’t have to change the display name.
    2. Besides this proposed solution, I think that there are contact editors which support editing the display name independently of the structured name.

    In any case, I guess your suggestion should go to the Contacts app because DAVdroid just synchronizes the VCard FN ↔ display name. Modifying the display name is in the scope of the contacts editor, not of DAVdroid.

  • Yes, of course I can put the organisation name in the right field, but this is not the point. Let’s asume I want to rename a displayname of contact to “AAA some name” or “ZZZ some name” to have it in my contact list where I want it. Another example: normally the persons in my contact list are named “firstname lastname” but for some contacts I decide to name them “lastname, firstname” to have them all in one place in the list. There is and will not be a contacts manager which could handle that without changing the displayname.

    So the point is: this featurerequest is not for changing the displayname but for keep it like I want it and to get a workaround for Androids “feature” to change the dispayname for the rawContact (and contact).

    To 2nd: I did not found one, but I’m open for suggestions.

    So I have to disagree with you for your conclusion, that handling of the displayname is (only) in the scope of the contacts editor. Yes you are right, changing it is a editor thing, but keeping it is also a synchronising thing. (Because of Androids feature, to change it after every change).

    Maybe I had to clearify, that there are TWO displayname fields, the one in the “data”-table (structuredName) and the one in the rawContacts-table. The one in the data-table would be synced fine by davDroid BUT the one in the rawContacts-table would be changed after the sync (by Android) and not restored / overwritten by DAVdroid.

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