Since update to, DAVdroid account displays synchronisation error

  • So I was affected by that old bug in Horde that made DAVdroid incompatible with the most recent versions (can’t find the old issue on Github, was that all deleted?!). The Horde server has since been updated to 5.2.10 and thus I was able to update DAVdroid to now. I’m on a OnePlus One with Android 5.1.1 (Cyanogenmod) by the way.

    Here’s the thing. From what I can tell, the sync works fine - i.e., new or deleted contacts and calendar entries are synchronized without a problem. However, in the Android account settings for DAVdroid, it says “Synchronisation error”.

    I have looked at the logs as per these instructions, but was not able to determine any error (I searched for “error” and “exception” and didn’t find any). The only thing I see is that when syncing contacts, the logs are littered with the string “<d:propstat><d:prop>cs:getctag/</d:prop><d:status>HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found</d:status></d:propstat></d:response>” (in between valid entries that have some .vcf file in them). Not sure if that’s normal.

    Does anybody know where this problem comes from, or how I could find out more? Nothing in the logs seemed unusual to me. I would like to get to the bottom of this to be sure that no data is lost…

    EDIT: Here is the log, forgot it earlier:

  • developer

    @Natanji Your logs don’t show an exception, i.e. there should not be a Synchronization error.

    Error handling has been improved very much in our upcoming version 0.9. Are you interested in beta testing?

  • Huh. Why is Android displaying a sync error then? That is outright weird.

    I guess I can help with beta testing a little, yeah, but don’t have much free time. But I know how to write bug reports. 😜

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