vCards of OwnCloud which UID's matches /UID:.*[\.|@]/ are not synched to DAVdroid

  • Prerequisites

    This topic is related to DAVdroid and OwnCloud 8.1.3.


    After synching my Andorid phone with OC I missed some contacts.


    So I exported all OC contacts as vCards and experienced that all affected contacts contain a . or @ char in it’s UID:

    >grep -c "UID:.*[\.|@]" Selected_contacts.vcf

    Fix (very pragmatic)

    I just modified the related UID’s char as following:

    diff Selected_contacts.vcf Selected_contacts.modified.vcf
    < UID:20140307T200521.f825b17bf7@sub.domain.tld
    > UID:20140307T200521-f825b17bf7
    < UID:72f0c3d8-ab6e-4f80-aca6-82e75e255d1e@sub.domain.tld
    > UID:72f0c3d8-ab6e-4f80-aca6-82e75e255d1e

    After deleting all contacts in OC I imported my modified vCard’s file. Afterwards the sync with DAVdroid was successful for all my contacts now.

    I was not sure where to post this experience. I just want to help improving this really, really wonderful Syncing Software! Hope this is the right place. Or should it be located at the OC forum? Maybe I bother the wrong guys…

  • developer

    “.” should work. Regarding “@”: Do you mean this problem? It’s an OwnCloud issue and has already been fixed.

  • In a first approach I only replaced “@” and subsequent chars but it was not successful. Leaving “.” did not work and disturbed the syncing. After replacing “.” with “-” it worked.

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