No contacts shown on sony xperia z5

  • I have the new Sony Xperia Z5 and have installed DAVdroid. Everything seems to sync fine, and I can see events in the calendar app; however, the contacts app doesn’t show anything at all.

    I read through your FAQ and I suspect this is a problem with the Sony contacts app, although I’m not sure.

    Is there anything I can do about it?

  • developer

    @jon_black Did you try True Contacts?

  • I don’t have a Google account (and nor do I want one) so I can’t install True Contacts unless the apk is available outside the app store. I only install apps from F-droid. I tried to swap the app using F-droid and another phone that had it installed, but it failed with a null pointer exception. Typical. Sorry for being so awkward.

    I was hoping we could find a way to debug what’s happening with the app on the Z5. I’m open to suggestions.

  • developer

    @jon_black Have you ever thought about a Custom ROM? You can (for instance) install CyanogenMod (even without Google Apps if you don’t use them, like me) and then you get the stock contacts editor and not a Sony-branded one.

  • Absolutely. I have cyanogenmod on my tablet. Because my phone is a new model i want to wait a while before putting cyanogenmod on it. As far as i can tell the z5 isn’t supported yet anyway.

  • I’ve managed to get true contacts installed via f-droid app swapping and it works fine. So the problem is definitely with the stock Sony contacts app.

  • admin

    Thanks for the update. I’ve already said it often: It’s a shame how badly tested some modified apps are, even by very large companies… 😕 Great that it works for you now!

  • admin

    @jon_black We’re currently rewriting practically everything of DAVdroid and we maybe found a little workaround thats worth testing. It maybe solves the problem with branded apps but unfortuneately we don’t have any affected mobiles… Would you be willing to test a specially generated version of DAVdroid?

  • @devvv4ever
    I’m more than happy to test it out for you. Would I need to remove the current version first? I suppose the test is to see what the Sony contacts app makes of it?

  • admin

    @jon_black Great! I invited you to the beta testers group. I can upload a file then for you in the beta forum and you can test it out. I think we’ll be ready in the next few days. You’d have to remove the current DAVdroid and add an account with the beta version. So be sure to have all of your contacts on the server.

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