Sync does not work with owncloud 8.1.3 and DAVdroid

  • I’ve already read the bug with DAVdroid 0.8.3 and no, my contacts are not deleted after sync.

    Here’s my problem:

    I created (for each contact group one) my calrddav-sync entries and they show up in the “contacts” app on my phone. Syncing results in some contacts; None of them in the “Contacts” app but some of them in the “Phone” application, but really bad formatted with CVS delimiters all over the place. Only some are shown, though.

    The calendar sync doesn’t work at all. The Calendar app on my phone tells me “No calendars to show” and after clicking on “calendars to synchronize” it tells me “No calendars to syncronize”.

    Both the calendar and the contact groups are recognized and listed by DAVdroid correctly, though. There are no errors shown.

    My data:
    Device: oneplusone
    OS: Android 5.1.1 - CM 12.1-YOG4PAS1N0
    DAVdroid from F-Droid
    owncloud 8.3.1 (just updated), hosted on shared hoster (

  • admin

    Mhmm, sounds like a very strange behaviour. Can you try the app “true contacts” from the Play store? This is an unbranded version of Androids contacts app. Does this app show your contacts correctly?

  • I do not have Android Store, sorry. I only have F-Droid.

  • developer

    Sounds like the issues discussed here:

    Does this apply to your problem?

  • I’m not sure. My data looks correct in the owncloud.

    Anyways, the issue you linked does not explain why my calendar isn’t synced at all, so my answer to your question is “no”, I guess.

  • developer

    Ok, thanks for the information. Can you maybe provide logs? Without logs, it’s just guessing around.

  • So I got it working.

    What I did: For the card syncing I use another sync app now and it just works™ - for the cal I also use another sync app, but the problem was that the preinstalled calendar viewers didn’t get that there are calendars. I installed “Etar” and it just worked (also with davdroid, but I removed it afterwards because I had each calendar entry two times, one time from davdroid and one time from my other sync app)

    So this issue is closed.

  • developer

    @musicmatze Good to hear that your problem is solved. May I ask which other contact sync app you use (from F-Droid)?

  • I have to add that the “Contacts” app still doesn’t show any contact. Maybe I will install another contact viewer app or something. Seems like the pre installed one sucks as do the pre installed calendar apps (why there are two of them, actually).

    The apps I use are:

    “CalDAV Sync Adapter” and “carddav sync free” (downloaded as apk from the developer website, because it is not in fdroid)

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