DAVdroid's contacts are not available in the Android APP Contacts

  • Hello,

    I have on the Tablet (Asus ME302C) Android 4.3 and with the F-Droid Store the DAVdroid App installed.
    I can connect with the DAVdroid to baikal on my home server and the synchronization works.
    But in the Android App Contacts I can’t display the DAVdroid account. (Bei “Kontakte zum Anzeigen” wird das DAVdroid Konto nicht angezeigt)
    So I don’t see any contact in the contact app. But when I go to the favorites and add a favorit so you see all contacts in the preview list.

    I hope anybody can help me! 🙂


  • admin

    Hello godi,

    this sounds like a issue with a ASUS branded contacts app. Please try “True contacts” from the play store - this is the unbranded android app for contacts. It most likely will work with it 😉

  • Thanks for your answer!
    On the Asus there is realy an other app as the “true contacts”, but with the same GUI.
    The “true contact” app works! 🙂

  • admin

    Great 🙂 I don’t know what all the manufacturers do. Seems everything except good testing 😇

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