Limit input to a specific pixel area?

  • Love the product. Thank you. Don’t know if this is the best place to bring up this issue.

    I want the gfxtablet application not stretch or interpolate the input at all, since this is not optimal for drawing. My tablet is an Samsung Note-8, with screen dimensions 1200x800. My desktop is 1920x1200. Is there a way to specify a region or application to use only a 1:1 pixel mapped area for the 1200x800 screen size?

    I have tried running gfxtablet it within VNC of 1200x800 resolution. (Running LXDE on Fedora 18). I use the standand command: sudo ./networktablet.

    It successfully engages the input from the tablet, but it sends the input to the whole desktop (including beyond just the VNC window). Is there a way to limit it to the vnc window size only? Or achieve a similar result?

  • admin

    What about just setting your desktop screen resolution to the native tablet resolution and use your monitors option not to strech the screen width/height 😉 ? Then you’d have a 1:1 drawing possibility! Another way would be to have a virtualbox set up that you set the desired screen resolution to, make it connect to the network and then use gfxtablet to connect to this IP address instead of the host desktop IP address.


    This does what you want. I played around with it and it does work, you just have to get the math right (which unless you are good with matrices, is not easy).

  • Hi, I love the app. But I’ll like the client app to be able to zoom in on the screen, so you can map small portion of the screen on the tablet. It helps in writing on white board and presentation.

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