subscriptions disappear on reboot when icsdroid is installed to sd-card

  • developer

    [taken from issue tracker]

    I installed icsdroid to my tablet’s sd-card and added a single subscription. Subscription did synchronize as expected. When I manually rebooted the device, the subscription was gone and i had to re-create it from scratch.

    However, after moving the app from sd-card to internal memory subscriptions where retained during reboots as expected.

    My device runs Android 4.3.

  • developer

    Thanks for your report.

    ICSdroid is a sync adapter which must not be moved to the SD card: Otherwise, it’s possible that the application is not loaded somewhen. At this time, the Android account manager sees orphaned accounts (belonging to the ICSdroid package that is not available [because it’s not loaded]).

    I have now added android:installLocation="internalOnly" to the AndroidManifest which should fix that problem.

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