[READ BEFORE POSTING] What's required to diagnose a problem

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    If you have a problem with DAVx⁵, please:

    1. Try the latest DAVx⁵ version. Use the latest version of your server software, if applicable.
    2. Read the Tested services, FAQ and Manual pages carefully. The most common issues are explained there.
    3. Try the forum search – most questions have already been answered.
    4. Have a look at the debug info/error details/logs. You can often get an idea what’s the problem yourself.
    5. Make sure that it’s not a server or networking problem. Have a look at your server logs and search the FAQ/forums/bug tracker of your server software, too.

    More information: FAQ: How to debug DAVx⁵-related problems

    When posting, please provide as much information as you can:

    • debug info (see below),
    • steps to reproduce (what you tried to achieve and what your problem is),
    • your environment: server software (including version), do other clients work, etc.

    How to get debug info:

    • If you get “No CalDAV/CardDAV service found” when you try to add an account: tap “View logs”.
    • If you get an error notification while synchronizing: tap the notification. A debug info activity will appear.
    • Otherwise, use DAVx⁵ / Settings / Debug info.
  • Referenced by  rfc2822 rfc2822 

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