• Hello,

    I posted an issue and I was planning to put a bounty on it but now they are deleted. Also I wanted to check the comments on that issue. Where are the issues? Why have they been deleted?

    Thank you!

  • The issues I am interested in are these two:


    From what I can figure out, the ownCube team removed the SRV records but I do not have the command line you used to check this. I used dig and http://dns-record-viewer.online-domain-tools.com/

    DavDroid seems to have the same issue, I cannot login on my own server but only from DavDroid 😞

    Thank you!

  • developer


    Thanks for your interest. The issues have been imported to this forums for several reasons:

    1. The issue tracker has been used as a forum and is quite bad in that concerns: most important, most people don’t search closed issues, but they are often the most important ones (but are closed because they have been fixed or marked as third-party issues). An issue tracker is an issue tracker and not a support forum.
    2. However, we’re planning to move to another git hoster that is completely open-source and then re-open the issue tracker there (but only for issues and not for support – if people ignore that, there will be only an internal issue tracker, as it is very time-consuming and non-productive to work on mixed 90 % support requests with 10 % real bug reports),
    3. We’re reducing external dependencies (just why should hits, logs and PageRank go to GitHub instead of ourselves?)

    If you do a forum search for “OwnCube”, you will find your posts.

  • admin

    Hello andreip,

    I have just tried again and it does not seem that the SRV records have been removed by owncube. It still redirects to a timeout… Do you have any updates from the owncube team regarding this problem? Did they say they removed the SRV records?

    [devvv@deusex ~]$ host -t SRV _carddavs._tcp.andrei.owncube.com
    _carddavs._tcp.andrei.owncube.com has SRV record 0 0 2080 ocshared-de18.owncube.com.
    [devvv@deusex ~]$ nc ocshared-de18.owncube.com 2080
    Ncat: Connection timed out.

    The code used can be copy and pasted in every linux terminal. host and nc are pre-installed normally. You could try it with a live cd / live usb yourself without having to install a linux distribution 😃

  • admin

    Dear andrei,

    thank you for leaving the account open for us to test. The connection with DAVdroid now works since we’ve implemented some fallback methods in the resource detection part of DAVdroid. I just have connected and successfully synced the account.

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