• Hello,
    I have an account at Cozy, and they host all my datas (I do not have my own private cloud). I would like to synchronise my calendar on my phone (S. Note 3) with Cozy, but when I am at one of the last step, I cannot go further.
    On the login page, I use the all the right informations:
    https:// yourdomain.cozycloud.cc
    login: me
    password :
    I have tried with either my Cozy password, or the one settled in Cozy calendar (they are different), none of them work. I cannot “click” on the arrow to go on another page.

    My boyfriend also has a Cozy cloud, and has exactly the same problem. When I talked with the cozy team, they did not understand it and thought it might be a DavDroid problem. Have you already heard of a similar problem ?

    Thanks for your help,

  • It seems that if you input whitespaces in front of or after the content (the info is incorrect), the “Next” button is not available.
    For example, input yourdomain.cozycloud.cc  instead of yourdomain.cozycloud.cc.

    So is it possible to add triming function to these textboxes in the app in order to prevent from these issues?

  • developer

    Did you try as described there: https://davdroid.bitfire.at/configuration ?

    »Install “Sync” app. Go to “Server credentials” and use them (user name “me” and a random password) in DAVdroid.«

    The user name is always me and the password is the password of the Sync app.

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