Driver installed, but my Notebook doesn't receive something.

  • Hey, I have installed the GfxTablet driver on Ubuntu 13.04 64bit, but if I want to draw on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 my Notebool doesn’t receive something.
    I installed it according to the post from “devvv4ever” in thread 15.

    I write in the terminal:
    sudo apt-get install git
    sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic
    git clone git://
    cd GfxTablet
    cd driver-uinput
    sudo ./networktablet

    After that stand in the terminal:
    “GfxTablet driver (protocol version 1) is ready and listening on (UDP)
    Hint: Make sure that this port is not blocked by your firewall.”

    I already opened the UDP port “40118”.

    In the app I write the correct IP-Adress from my Notebook.

    What can I do that it work??
    Thanks for help and sorry if my english are not so good.

  • admin

    Hello, and sorry for the late answer… It seems that this is not an issue on the app itself.

    Can you turn off your firewall completely and try to ping your PC/GalaxyNote and vice versa and make sure there is a connection between the devices?

  • Thanks for the answer and sorry that I write so late, but I was in the Holidays and I haven’t Internet.

    I connect my Notebook and Tablet via a mobile Hotspot from my Smartphone and I get in the Terminal the coordinates. It was by reason of the firewall, but I can’t put them off. So I connect them now evermore via the Smartphone.

    Thanks for your effort.

  • admin

    so, does it work now 😉 ?

  • Yes. 🙂

  • admin

    cool, I’m glad to hear 😉 have fun!

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